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Pencils are true all-rounders. Everyone uses them, they are a suitable writing implement in almost any situation and your advertising slogan is seen everywhere and at times. Our pencils are available in many different designs– you will be surprised at the large variety of possibilities available in the product overview and
you can even customze your own pencil online of the Pencil Desinger.

We only use European quality products with a high ecological standard in order to adhere to the european quality products, complying with the purity stipulations of EN 71/III, FSC und LGA/TÜV tested.




Pencils Produce - Pencils in various sizes, shapes and colors. Imprinted Pencils are wonderful advertising tools because everyone needs Pencils

Coloured Pencils
colored promotion item traditional and ecological promotional item, We can give all of the the perfect finish with a colored tip and/or colored ring, colored tip, colored ring, colored top, silver, black eraser, design black, triangular, black wood, red grip, soft grip, grip, nonskid support, triangular shape, metal box, tin box, black box, writing set with 6 colored, metal head, silver mat, individual name engraving, Coinage, tampon pressure, silk screen, coinage, pressure, advertising print, individual advertising print, single name engraving, advertisement, mailing items, stationery, promotional items, advertisement, give-away, sales promotion, advertise, gift,  Promotional Merchendise, Custom Printed Airing construction, mailing items, stationery,

Craftmens pencils
allwriter, tampon pressure, silk screen, coinage, advertising pressure, advertising print, hot foils pressure, hot foils coinage with your individual advertising print, single name engraving, digital pressure, single name Coinage, prints, printed, inscription, sales presentation, Mailingartikel, doctorate, gifts, give aways, writing utensils of wood,

Reidinger Pencils

Wooden Pencils

Colored Pencils
Glazed Pencils
Pencils natural
black wooden pencils

Painting Sets:

Colored Pencil
Colored Pencils Sets, Rainbow Pencils Colors
Colored Sets
Colored cases, boxes

Special wooden pencils:

Special Pencil
Writer for Craftsmen



Craftsmen, Construction Writers


Folding Rulers, Meter
Wooden Folding Rulers
Folding Rulers made of Plastic
Folding Rulers with advertising imprint


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News from Reidinger Company

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